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Cinnamon and honey – jackpot for your health

Written By Sandra on Saturday, 1 March 2008 | 21:53

Many studies, books and articles are saying that combination of honey and cinnamon can cure almost all diseases - and even without any consequences. Did you know that if you take two table spoons of honey before going to bed can help you lose weight, and if you mix three tea spoons of cinnamon with two table spoons of honey will decrease cholesterol for 10 % in two hours.

Scientists today have discovered that honey contains large amounts of various vitamins and iron, so to if you want to prevent flues and virus infections, everyday use of honey and cinnamon will surely help you. Honey-cinnamon layer with bread drastically decreases chances of hearth-attack. We are all faced with too much work and we are always feeling tired - take one lemon and squeeze it in 1 deciliter water and mix in three spoons of honey – instant tire remover. If you are looking for a stimulator and vitality, drink a glass of water with ½ spoon of honey and a little bit of cinnamon.

Even bugs’ bites or pimples can be cured with this combination. Make a cream of three table spoons of honey and one tea spoon of cinnamon, salve it on your blisters before going to bed, and when you wake up, wash it with warm water – this will destroy pimples in its’ roots and even prevent future infections.

Honey-cinnamon combination can cure many stomach-ache problems, like tumidity, bad breath and even stomach ulcer. It has been proven (scientifically) that treating with honey and cinnamon can cure some types of cancer.

I heard that mixture of one little spoon of cinnamon and yoghurt (regular glass) can drastically reduce your weight – I tried to drink that few times, and I noticed that really cuts back your appetite (I never lasted more then three or four days because of one and only reason – I forget to drink it – I guess the only “health disorder” honey-cinnamon can’t fix is my forgetfulness ☺).


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