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Written By Sandra on Wednesday, 14 May 2008 | 14:35

I’ve been sailing across virtual sea of internet to find few more facts about well known fruit bananas. This southern fruit has long history and it dates from antic ages. Bananas came from Malaysia some 4000 years ago, and after that sailors and merchants spread it around the world.

Nutritive value of bananas is huge. From my own experience I can say that after having one simple meal made of two bananas I feel full of energy and √©lan. My everyday duties are done without too much effort and I certainly don’t have any problems with my concentration.

Banana is rich with potassium, manganese, vitamins B complex and many other useful elements. It’s very good for people with high blood pressure because banana helps lower it. Like many similar caterers, banana acts as antioxidant and it is even used in natural cosmetics – vitamins from banana renew collagen which helps fighting against wrinkles. Banana calms down your nerves, acts as anti depressive, helps with constipation, heartburn and anaemia.

Food rich with dietetic fibres, magnesium and potassium decrease the risk of heart attack so that’s another reason for even more often adding bananas to your everyday menu.

Here’s simple recipe for unusual bread with bananas:


4 bananas (about 600 grams)

70 grams of butter

80 grams of sugar

1 egg

1 package of vanilla sugar (about 10g)

½ package of backing powder (about 7g)

Pinch of salt

220 grams of flour

Squash bananas and mix them with butter. Add sugar, vanilla sugar and scramble egg, backing powder, salt and flour – at the end. Bake it about an hour at 170 C degrees.


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