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Written By Sandra on Thursday, 5 June 2008 | 14:24

Few months ago I wrote a post about vitamin C, but I published it on different provider - never mind that - fact about vitamin C aren't changed and we still must take him in our every day life.

What is vitamin C, where do we find it mostly and why do we need it in our everyday life – that is the story we heard a thousand times and we remember it every time when we enter a drug store to get some new vitamin preparation like instant drink or vitamin tablets. In latest researches it is stated that this artificial preparations are indeed harmful, but I don’t want to get in this subject since I don’t see myself being competent enough for that matter, but it could be useful to highlight it, again, how really vitamin C is good for our well being and where can we find it if we consummate fresh food.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is one of the most important essential nutrients and it’s exclusively found in fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s very unstable, so when you cook or leave your food uncovered, vitamin C is easily lost. It’s irreplaceable in every day living because it helps producing of collagen (it is that thing that merges our body cells), vitamin C protects essential fatty acids from oxidation (so it prevails cardio-vascular diseases), it helps in curing and protecting from scurvy (if you take sufficient daily value) , and it protects from anemia. Everyday consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables which contains large amounts of vitamin C can really strengthen your immune system. Redundancies of that vitamin are mostly not harmful because everything your body doesn’t absorb gets out while urinating.

Recommended daily allowances may vary – from around 60 mg for grown non-smokers to at least 100 mg for smokers (smoking decreases absorption of vitamin C). Children should take smaller amounts of vitamin C, from 35 mg – 45 mg, depending how old is your child.

Let’s enter our kitchen and we’ll try to find several caterers which include bigger amounts of vitamin C – while researching various literature, magazines and Internet I found imbalance in data regarding the exact amount of vitamin C in certain food, so I’ll write only several sorts of fresh and vegetables. Ditto amounts are vitamin C (mg)/100 g fruit/vegetable

* Black currant around 180 mg

* Chili pepper around 240 mg

* Kiwi around 95 mg

* Fresh parsley around 190 mg

* Fresh lemon around 70 mg

* Fresh horse-radish around 100 mg

* Strawberry around 60 mg

* cauliflower around 80 mg

* Orange around 60 mg

* fresh pepper around 80 mg

* Grape fruit around 45 mg

* cabbage around 50 mg

I hope this short “Vitamin C” abstract would make easier every day balance between quality nutrition, hasty way of life and wish for healthier body and mind.


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napimael@nyomot said...

Hi Sandra..Nice post.I love fruits,especially mango,orange,grapes and apple,but normally I have it as juice,just love it,a good way to get that extra Vit C without depending on supplement.
I'll be waiting for your new post,take care.

Sandradb said...

I saw your new RSS of your blog friends - it's very nice, and thank you for the comment, of course :-)

duarte said...

hi Sandra,very nice blog,continue the good work..........greetings from switzerland

Steph said...

Hi Sandra :) Are you a vegan?