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Uncertian number

Written By Sandra on Monday, 10 November 2008 | 11:12

That's the number of refugees around the world. Due to world's hectic situation number of refugees is changing with every new day.
It's makes me sad and I really feel totally useless when I see so many people displaced from their homes.
What can I share with the rest of the world? When I read "Bloggers Unite for Refugees" on blogcatalog, it reminded on time when my country was in terrible war. It was in 1990-ties and I was a teenager in that time.
I remember the 18th of November - the day when Croatian town Vukovar lost its' freedom after several months of struggles and fighting for liberty. It was surrounded and after their defense broke down thousands of people were forced to leave their homes and find another, uncertain tomorrow. Many people ended in Serbian concentration camps.
It's awful part of Balkan history and I don't want to remind myself again on these sad pictures, but I'll never forget a picture of young girl (Željka Jurić) with tears in her eyes holding her little doll and walking down destructed Vukovar's street towards buses and boats which were waiting refuges.

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Titania said...

Hi Sandra, I can understand how you feel as you have seen your country go through a terrible time. I have grown up in Switzerland and had only connection with people looking for a safe refuge like when the Czech uprising was and many Czech people came to Switzerland. We had a young Czech man under our wings his name was Jaroslav. Many Hungarian people came as refugees to Switzerland and settled there. Once we had a lovely Greek girl in our home, her father was a minister in the then government there was a coup and he was tortured and baned onto an island he had two daughters and one came to us she was then 13 her sister was already at uni. The mother was dead. So many sad stories.

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