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Written By Sandra on Tuesday, 13 January 2009 | 11:44

Acne, spots, pimples or blisters - it isn’t matter how we call them, but they are the same and boring unpleasant plugging of pores on our skin face or upper part of chest and back (shoulders). Many “puberties” suffered acne problems and it surely made them feel miserable in that, very sensible period of their life.

Today, we have a possibility to choose (some natural and some not so natural) products like skin tonics, cleaning lotions, or creams to stop acnes, but we are not always in situations where we can buy those products or sometimes we can’t afford them, so we are left with alternative ways to fight pimples.

The first rule we must obey is not to squeeze pimples because squeezing can damage our skin tissue.

We must pay attention on what we put in our mouth and we must avoid very spicy, salted and fat food, and we need to reduce our chocolate, sweets and alcohol to the minimum level. It is highly recommend eating fresh vegetables and fruits, and especially onions. One of the best spices that helps in fighting acne is thyme.

You can clear pimples with fresh bakers yeast or beer yeast. There are some sources which recommend direct consummation of yeast (three times a days, once a week), and, besides consummation, you can use yeast face masks - crumble one tablespoon of beer yeast and warm it up on steam, cover your face with melted yeast three times a day (wash it off after 10 do 20 minutes), along with mask, it is recommended to drink fresh carrot juice. Results are visible after 7 days? – I haven’t tried so I’ll end it up with this question mark.

Besides yeast, you can use therapeutic herbs and its’ remedies to fight acnes.

Prepare 1 liter of tea made of wild pansy – boil 4 tablespoons of wild pansy, strain it after 10 minutes. Drink half of it, and other half you can use for compress.

Take 4 tablespoons of chopped fresh thistle leaves and roots and boil it with one liter of water, strain it and drink three cups a day. You can prepare tea made of nettles or dandelion on the same way.

You can mix chamomile, sage, milfoil, calendula, onion, garlic, nettles, linden and mint, also take 4 tablespoons of that mixture and boil it with 1 liter of water, drink it few times a day. Make a steam bath for you face with chamomile tea – cover your face under that tea and “steam” yourself until chamomile cools off.

Vegetables can also provide a good, alternating cure for spots. Bit up few leaves of savoy (kale) and keep them on your face for a half an hour. Take few dark green leaves of lettuce and cook it with whey (I haven’t tried it, it sounds maybe a bit strange), keep it on your face for about twenty minutes. Wash it off with warm water.

Scrub horse radish and put it in a jar. Cover it with fruit vinegar and leave it to rest for 10 days. Put vinegar that was made of that horse radish on spots with a cotton cushions, then wash it off with warm water after ten minutes.

These are only alternative solutions. Unfortunately, there isn’t 100 % effectively remedies in fight against acnes. You must take in consideration your own heritage, which means bigger or smaller tendency towards spots. It’s recommended to spend as much as it is possible time on fresh air, and especially it is useful to take sunbathes and spend time on the sea side.

I hope this post would offer few more alternatives in acne fighting since this is something that doesn’t stop when you turn up 19 years; sometimes it continues to annoy you until much more serious age.


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Mediterranean Turkish Cook said...

I've heard that nettles are good for pimples just as you mentioned. Good tips for acne sufferers.

Rhonda said...

Very interesting informtion. My teens have battled with acne issues. I found the chemical treatments really did nothing. We will have to give some of these natural remedies a try!

Sandra said...

@ Mediterranean Turkish Cook
Thank you for your comment, and visit, I hope you don't have snow problems like we have hear :-).

@ Rhonda
Thank you for your visit, and I'm really happy if you found something useful on my site.

david mcmahon said...

Thanks for the visit. Yes, chamomile tea is wonderful for many cures.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Good tips Sandra, oooh to be a teenager again, but thinking about acne again I'm not too sure now.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

It's always a bit of a mystery why a pimple forms, especially during the teen years ... they can be traumatic to fledging souls.

Sandra said...

@ Martin - well, if you were teen again, I don't think you would feel that comfortable knowing all the things that you know now :-)...thank you for comment...

@ Robert - yes, you are right, it's mystery, but one, very nasty and painful mystery (for young people). Maybe it has to do something with the food young people eat, or due to all that hormone changes...any way, thank you for your comment.

May said...

When I was a teen I used apple cider vinegar for my acne. It smelt bad but worked. Putting it on your face then rinsing it off when it was dry. Now if I get a pimple I crush an Asprin and mix it with lemon juice, put in on the pimple and wash after 10 minutes. It helps to bring out the pimple and heal skin. Usually within 3 days it's gone.