Party is over!

Written By Sandra on Sunday, 4 January 2009 | 19:33

Holidays are long gone and all that we have right now is a slight hangover, minus on our credit cards and, at least, 5 pounds more – or not?
Did you manage to stay calm during this “merry season” and control yourself in enormous spending and overeating?
I must confess that I had to fight very strong with “generous” side and stayed in limits of normal “consumerism behavior”, but from what I’ve seen from the supermarkets I visited and from the news, I don’t think everyone can say that.

They are all predicting very hard 2009 with global finance crisis, so I hope that bills that’ll arrive in January will not contribute to this modern fashion of depression.
What are these lines “upstairs” have to do with whole sound of my blog? Well, credit cards aren’t connected in any way with herbal remedies or natural cures, but they can very well add to our (un)healthy way of life. If we spend too much time worrying about finance (or we spend too much) we’ll eventually find ourselves in a situation where we’ll need those herbal remedies or cures to help us overcome health problems that came from our stressing way of life.
I truly hope that New 2009 will only bring peace and financial independence to all of us, little people, who struggle our every day life and that herbs, natural remedies and all other cures will only have an amusement role in our life.
Once again – Happy New Year!


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Martin in Bulgaria said...

'Money is the root of all evil' still stands firm in my book. Credit is the casue fo many problems especially this time of year. Luckily we aren't slave to the consumer society yet here and getting credit or using credit card si rare. You don't need to be ill to use herbs here either and we do!
Happy New Year.

Titania said...

Hi Sandra, I do agree with Martin.
Our family does not make Christmas presents to each other. Only the children receive presents; We come all together and have a merry time. Through the year I buy birthday presents for my daughters or also sometimes something special it does not always have to be a special occasion.

Sandradb said...

Thank you both for your honest comment - I think that this modern age slavery is very serious problem and young people often got blinded with the smell of success and new income, but everything, eventually comes to charge and it is very hard to get rid off "old" habits.
I wish you all the best.

Rhonda said...

We committed to cash only holiday spending a few years ago and it has made a wonderful difference in our post-holiday happiness! We can't buy as much as we used to but we don't deal with paying off the gifts for months and months after they have been forgotten!