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Imperatives and myths

Written By Sandra on Monday, 30 March 2009 | 14:21

I don’t need to say that most of today’s modern population craves for being fit and with proper “sizes”. Of course, it’s not always about the looks – normal body weight has something to do with health as well.

When I turn back on myself, I must admit that I spent half of my life being on some kind of diet. First, it was my puberty, when I was teenager and we all know how delicate can be that period in life. After years of trying to stay fit and healthy, it was time to have a baby, and again, I found myself in similar “fights”. I can’t say that I have weight problem, but neglecting this part of life can very easy cause serious problems and misery.

Diets are often connected with deceptions and wrong advices like “starving can help you lose your weight” or “Don’t eat food with fat”, so I did a quick search, and here are few advice that could, hopefully, make your dieting easier.

1. Don’t starve yourself – you will only lose your body musculature and there’s nothing healthy in that.

2. Carbohydrates are bad for your body – well, white sugar or various sweets won’t do you any good, but you must know that your body needs about 40 % of carbohydrates a day (when you count your daily needs), so food like bread, rice or any other integral grain product must be on your daily menu.

3. If you want to lose weight, eliminate all fatties – I’m sure when someone discovers that our body can work without omega 3 fatty, then this could be of use, and since this time is far away from us, consuming food rich with omega 3 fatty is still an imperative.

4. Too much water is no good for you – our body is about 70% water, so is it logical that drinking water can harm our body.

5. Always try to split your meals in little portion and eat it several times a day, that way you’ll keep your stomach working a little and you won’t shock your body with huge amounts of energy which are always “accumulated” in wrong places.

These are just few lines regarding this subject. Of course, it’s important that you don’t become slave to all that artificial commercial looks because real beauty comes from inside, and when you combine it with natural way of life, success is here, for sure, and it will last much longer then all that “lose 10 pounds in 5 days” promises.

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Sandra said...

Thank you very much for your comment - I'm glad you like it.

Auntie E said...

You are so right. I found Diets don't work. Eating Healthy and exercise is the key. Numbers on the scale really don't mean much. Each body is different. I am trying to stay fit. Thanks for this wonderful blog.

Sandra said...

Hi Auntie and thank you very much for your nice and friendly comment. I always try find alternatives to the mass that is offered to us on the "global market",because the most import thing for any human being today is to be able to think with hers or his own head.

Mediterranean Turkish Cook said...

Hi Sandra, I enjoyed this post very much. I have to say that I do not believe in diets and I agree with you that they can be very deceptive and sometimes created for profit. In my opinion, everything in moderation is the key. Of course, not to forget regular exercise.

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