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Written By Sandra on Tuesday, 29 January 2008 | 23:30

It may sound a bit unrealistic, although many of you had been already informed about the fact that right combination of caterers can indeed help us lose weight. As our plate is more colorful, it’s bigger possibility that our pounds will melt down. The best plate patchwork is made by fresh fruit and vegetables, and they ought to be represented in as larger amount as possible in our every day diet. I don’t want to speculate that you need 3 or 5 portions a day. Each and every one of us has specific needs and it would be wrong if any one should demand changing your habits over night.
Let me get back to the “fruit subject” and try to present you its’ true value and benefit. We all know that fruit represents total noun, product or seeds of certain, mostly perennial, and it’s consists of water, minerals, vitamins, fibers and sugar. Fruit is easy to digest and it gives us our necessary energy without damaging our body figure. The thing of what we are not so conscious about is our cognition of the fact that introducing fresh fruit in our every day menu doesn’t go as we planned to. On our first day (here, I’m referring on all of ours diet plans and New Year’s decisions and resolutions) we are overwhelmed and full of panache and we are exterminating apples, bananas and everything else that starts with the letter “F”. The second day we so self confident so we treat ourselves with that piece of left Sunday cake (because we are in control here :-)), and when we reach the third day, we are so depressed because we feel dizziness of our “low sugar level” , and to much pears kept us half of a day at our toilet. So how can we move on?!
It’s not easy (I know because I tried it), but it is possible – although our struggle for nice body figure and healthy body is a fight that last whole our lives. You can’t eat healthy for five months and then get back to old (and bad) eating habits. Back to the fruits – you must try it very slow; the most important thing is to start your day with a fruit meal. To make simple – the moment you open your eyes, apple in the mouth! That is the first step. You must be determined! Of course, that apple can be replaced with a pear or an orange. I, for example, can’t imagine beginning of a day without my apple – it isn’t matter if I wake up at 4 AM or 9 AM. Trust me, results will come. Just try to imagine how your organism feels in the morning when you treat it with an apple – apple, full of water (around 85 grams of water in 100 grams of apple), full of vitamins (40 milligrams of vitamin C plus A, E, B1, B2, B6 and beta-carotene), minerals (from 100 mg do 180 mg of kalium) and diet fibers. Digestion is functioning much better (and that make You feel better), there’s no weakness, and you feel light as a feather. Now, you may treat yourself with a nice cup of coffee or tea. We must move to breakfast (without candies and “fast food”) – I’m sorry to say, but most of us, full-time employed, usually skips breakfast, so it’s all up to some “quick bite” and then we are waiting for lunch to be stuffed to the top. We must not skip the breakfast, and that breakfast ought to be made of fruits. I know it’s not satiating and tasty like nice, chocolate covered pancakes or pizza, but its’ nutritive value is immeasurable. It’s harder at the beginning, but we must comfort ourselves in that tasty lunch mentioned earlier. Make it easy for yourself and start with one simple fruit salad. Plain apple, one banana and one orange can really make a miracle breakfast if you mix them with a little bit of lemon juice, 1 spoon of honey (and honey is a whole new story), add a few raisins, walnuts or almonds, and boun appetite. You are looking at one, really healthy, tasty and nourishing meal.

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Anonymous said...

alo, divojko, ne piše mi se na engleškom ... ajd piši o klicama, obožavam ih !!

Anonymous said...

here I am again in english - fruits rule - or? I eat fruit every day till noon
great feeling!!