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Let's bake bread!

Written By Sandra on Friday, 1 February 2008 | 13:16

It's not hard as it seems. You might get a bit "messy" but the pleasure of baking your own bread will surely win over the fact that you covered yourself with flour. Let's go

We must prepare yeast - I usually take fresh yeast and mix it with warm water (around 35 - 40 C) and 1 table spoon of sugar (sugar helps your ferment to "grow up") and then just cover it with little saucer, and after 10-15 minutes it's ready for use. Look at the picture under these lines :-).

fig. 1 - yeast package

fig. 2 - yeast in a little bowl

Next step is preparing flour. We can use 3 cups of normal, bread flour (half white) and 1 cup of corn flour - but you have unlimited possibilities. Mix flour with 2 table spoons of salt, as it is shown on figure 3. It is import that you always use "room temperature" flour. If you keep it somewhere cold, you must give it some time to warm. Add grown yeast to flour and stir gentle, add two table spoons of sunflower oil ( and if you want specific taste, you go with olive oil too) and keep stirring, at the end, put in warm water, just to have soft and well connected pastry and then take it out of the bowl on a "floured" surface (figures 4. and 5.)

I 'm happy to say that now it is time to dig in and make a mess around, and in, your kitchen :-). Knead the pastry firmly, adding flour so it doesn't glue on the surface. You must come with the material without any knobs. It must be prose and smooth. Return it to the bowl, cover with kitchen cloth, and leave it rest for an hour (approximately). It must grown ones its' size. I think you'll be able to see the difference on pictures 6. and 7.

fig. 6 - pastry before rest

fig. 7 - pastry after resting an hour

Knead it once again and put the bread in appropriate bakery shape. It should be ready for baking after maybe half an hour of resting (it's growing again :-)) - figures 8. and 9.

fig. 8 - resting bread

fig 9. - bread before baking

Before you put it in an oven smear the bread with milk, it'll help your bread achieve nice, roasted color. Last pictures are showing how it should look after around 50 minutes in the oven, on 200 C. I hope it will turn out even better then this one posted :-).


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