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Honey, honey...

Written By Sandra on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 | 22:10

What is honey?

We all think that honey is sweet and tasty food, but we are still not sure what is its’ structure. If we are looking for competent explanation, we would say that honey is sweet, high density, viscous product which was made of nectar flowers by honey bees.

Honey brands

Brands and quality, and its’ health value depends on collected flowers, state of bees, time of the year when it was collected, etc. The most famous brands of honey are:

*Acacia honey – light color and delicate taste. Good for relieve

* Lime-tree honey – light color, also good for relieve. It has antiseptic effects and it is recommended to people who have respiratory problems, but you must know it is not advisable to give to persons who suffer of cardiovascular diseases.

*Chestnut honey – it is collected from June ‘til August, it’s brown and tastes light bitter. People who suffer from bad blood circulation or have problems with lever should consume chestnut honey.

*Milfoil honey – end of the summer and beginning of autumn is the best time to collect milfoil honey. It’s mostly light color, and it’s good when people have problems with infections with their air passages.

*Sage honey – it has very strong antiseptic effects and it’s recommended as aid for cough up.

*Dandelion honey – it’s collected in springtime, very intensive yellow color. It’s good for lever, and also as diuretic and laxative. It crystallizes very soon.

*Meadow honey – it is made of various flowers and it’s very mild so old people, people with low blood pressure and children can use it.

These are just some categories and brands of honey. We must know that honey is also affected with the procedure of finalization.

Unfortunately, we eat very small amounts of honey today since it is known that honey is one of the most digestive and the most useful groceries. Although it’s rich with sugar, honey contains simple carbohydrates - glucoses and fructose, both very important and very useful for making energy. Honey is different form consume sugar because it hasn’t only calories, but it’s full of nutritive and therapeutic compounds and because of these substances, honey is very appreciated as a medicinal food. Here some, mostly approved, medicinal characteristics:

  • Improves our metabolic system
  • Stimulates both physical and mental activity
  • Dark brands help with anemia
  • It improves resistance of our organism
  • Acts antiseptic and because of that it’s good for external use (like wounds and burns)
  • It helps absorption certain substances in our body (like medicaments or minerals)
  • Honey acts as a detoxification means for our whole organism
  • It has sedative characteristics

Honey has been recognized as a medicine that our ancestors used to heal and to get better. Here are some basic preparations that can be used with respiratory problems

  • Tea spoon of honey melted in warm milk or tea (temperature must be around 45 C, on higher temperatures honey loses its’ therapeutic action) helps with swallow throat, relieves pain and helps with expectorate.
  • ¼ tea spoon of paper mixed with 1 table spoon of honey uncorks air passages, and even acts as a disinfect aid.
  • Little bit of nutmeg mixed with honey helps with diarrhea.

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