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Potatoes – „in“or „out“ ?!

Written By Sandra on Monday, 17 March 2008 | 21:51

Potato is widely known caterer and we couldn’t imagine our every day meal without it. Potato came from South America (Peru) over 400 years ago. We dedicate most of our life to healthier diet and right food selection, so most of people consider potato to be a total “kitchen out”. Just to think about fried potatoes can result in pandemic scandal in world of healthy diet although majority of us have secret dreams about big and tasty portion of French fries covered with some mayonnaise or pickled cucumbers sauce :-).

Well, things aren’t that bad – potatoes have many good features, they nourished many poor families in the past and I don’t see reason to avoid them.

Since they have 2.5 times less starch then bread, potatoes are recommended in diabetic diet. They are rich with A, B, C and F vitamins. Best way to keep those vitamins is to cook potatoes in their peel. Potatoes are ideal for dietary nutrition and for digestion problems (both children and grownups) – it’s simple; cut potatoes in bigger peaces and cook together with carrots, when it is finish mesh it and add a little bit of salt in it.

In public medicine there are many recognized features of potatoes – it is used for eliminating headaches; put sliced row potato on your forehead. Scrubbed and row potato can cure wounds, swelling, ulcers, contusions, muscle abscess, rheumatic pain and arthritis. Scrubbed and cold potatoes can help with burns (especially sun burns – it is very effective in that matter).

Row potato juice can relief abscess of stomach epithelia and stomach ulcer – scrub one or two potatoes, squeeze juice, dilute it with warm water and drink it on an empty stomach.

The most important thing concerning potatoes is the way you store them. It mustn’t be left on direct sun light because it gets green and that can cause appearance of “solanin” (alkaloid – natural pesticide – poison for people) which is bad for your sight and digestion.

You don’t need to avoid potatoes, just use what it gives you – even if it means portion of Pommes Frites every now and then.


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