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While we wait for colorful spring...

Written By Sandra on Monday, 9 March 2009 | 13:17

As much as we are looking forward to spring, we are still faced with the certain “grayness” on our markets and shops – when you look at a shelf in grocery or a supermarket, you’ll notice that there is no too much choice in offered fruit and vegetables.

Bananas, apples and oranges, OR onion, potatoes and carrots are the food you are most likely to find that fit in this year period (I will not count tomatoes which look like they were made of plastic or similar food).

Well, it’s no reason to feel bad because of the poverty of choice, think positive and you’ll be able to find the benefits of simplicity in these caterers.

Onion is proven to be a great helper in decreasing high blood sugar level, high cholesterol level and high blood pressure. If you consume onions regularly, you’ll not only help your cardio vascular system, but you’ll reduce the risk of developing colon cancer, because of the effect of its’ substance called flavonoid for which it has been proven to stop the growth of cancer cells.

There’s no doubt that potatoes are the one of the most popular food, and it is not imaginable to prepare a wholesome meal without them. Unfortunately, we mostly prepare potatoes in the unhealthiest way like chips or fries. Potatoes are worth of exploring new recipes because they’ll give you in return many quality features like a decent amount of vitamin C, vitamin B, dietary fibers, potassium, copper and various phytonutrients which act like antioxidants.

Carrots – for someone maybe boring, but for those who think the world of carrots, let me tell you that they are great source for pro-vitamin A carotenes. Antioxidant compounds in carrots protect us from cardiovascular diseases and really help in achieving good vision (especially night vision). Certain studies suggested that a carrot a day, in our every day diet, can considerable cut down the risk of lung cancer. Carrots can also enter the company of food that reduces the high blood sugar level, so joined with onions, they can make perfect and simple dish in future days, or until there will be more natural colors in our super markets and groceries.

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Mediterranean Turkish Cook said...

Sandra, very useful post as usual. I use onions in any dish I can. Sometimes I even make onion salad out of them. As you've written, they are very healthy. Thanks for the post. Take care.


Titania said...

Sandra, you are right with onions and other vegetables they are essential for good health. I actually would not know how to cook without onions! I think if you have cooking skills you can cook up a storm with the most simple and basic ingredients. I always think of the Chinese women in rural China they have one fire one wok and are able to cook a very good and nutritious meal!

Martin In Bulgaria said...

Enthusiastically in delivered as one would expect from you now

I do disagree that a carrot is not alwaya boring. I feel that this is one of natures most interesting vegetables, especially the funny shaped carrot that are home grown.

Supermarket carrots on the other hand are boring!

It's nice to see some new posts here.

Sandra said...

Thank you all for your comments - sometimes people forget that simple things that surround them can offer more benefits then they are aware of and, instead of using the simplicity, they keep trying to find cures and answers in expensive medications and supplements...and yes! I ,myself, can't cook and don't know to cook without onions...and carrots on my menu almost every day, especially now, as a great addition to many salads.

feliciana said...

very nice blog ...good luck.