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Written By Sandra on Tuesday, 27 January 2009 | 13:36

One of many fashionable expressions lately has definitely been Mediterranean diet. I live in of Mediterranean countries, Croatia, and I’m really happy and proud to see that sometimes we can really use fashion for a good cause, and that is our health.

Many studies and researches have proven benefits of Mediterranean diet, and the last one on the list is dedicated to EU parliament and their wish to put this diet to UNESCO list of World cultural heritage.

Mediterranean diet helps in prevent of cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer diseases, and it even mollifies symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

This includes healthy and natural food and plenty of vegetables and fruit. Main ground of that diet is extra virgin olive oil and food prepared with and on olive oil.

We are offered with hundreds of olive oil brands and manufactures, so we must be very careful when we buy it, because labels don’t always speak the truth.

How can you recognize good and quality olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is product of first pressure procedure and it has the level of free fatty acid bellow 0.8 %; percentage above that value refers to virgin olive oil, or just olive oil (percentage above 2 %). You must pay attention to color, taste and smell of oil.

Color of oil is ought to be between golden and dark green, it must be transparent and it taste must not be sour.

But these are only the basics, quality of olive oil depends on its’ storage conditions, producing procedures, and we must be careful with expiry date.

Lower temperature can affect the structure of extra virgin olive oil because some part of it coagulates – so that’s one of the confident proofs it is really extra virgin olive oil.


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Navita said...

Hi first time here.. n this post is very informative. :)

Sandra said...

Hi Navita!
Thank you very much for your visit and comment.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Things I now know about Virgin Olive Oil - and it's all down to your blog. Thank You.

Gregorio said...

Thank you for the info I learned some thing about virgin olive oil I never knew.I've always been a fan.In the morning I prefer bread w/olive oil than butter.Take it easy.:)

Sandra said...

I'm glad to hear that olive oil is one of your favorites.

Thank you for your visit and comment, I'm glad it was of use to you.

Mediterranean Turkish Cook said...


Great article. I agree with you on the Mediterranean diet and olive oil. I use olive oil for all my cooking including frying.