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Written By Sandra on Thursday, 19 June 2008 | 12:50

Our every back yard is indeed, one little, natural pharmacy which can offer us many trusted recipes for various illnesses and problems. It’s hard to count all therapeutic inhabitants in our garden, but we certainly mustn’t bypass one dandelion or milfoil, for example.

In early spring our backyards are covered with cheerful, yellow carpet made of dandelions.

Dandelion (blowball, gilt cup, lat. Taraxacum officinale) is one of the most famous herbs found in our gardens, back yards or any other green areas. Some may find it boring and annoying, but its’ curative properties is too big to just dump it in every day weeds.

You can use whole plant which is collected in early spring. Dry it on medium temperature (you can even do this in oven, on +40 degrees) or you can dry it in light shadow.

Although the whole herb is therapeutic, you must observe its’ roots as well, which, besides being used in medical purposes, can also find its’ place in today’s kitchen as an excellent add-in (young dandelion roots can be fried with eggs and it tastes like mushrooms).

Dandelion roots have positive effect while cleaning your organism – it stimulates sweating and it strengthens and refreshes your body. It is very useful with diseases like gout, rheumatic, skin diseases, ulcers, over weight, anaemia and irregular menstrual…

You can find insulin in dandelion and that’s why it is recommended to diabetics – you must take 8 to 15 hollow stalks a day and chew it. Another therapeutic feature of dandelion is blocking the appearance of stone gall.

Dandelion stimulates appetite so that’s another reason to include it in your every day diet.

Dandelion Syrup:

Ingredients: 500 dandelion flowers

3 litre of cold water

4 lemons

4 oranges

2 kilos of sugar (about 4 pounds)

Cover dandelion flowers with water, add thinly sliced lemons and oranges and leave it to rest for 24 hours. Filtrate (best is to use very thick gauze) it in a bowl where you will make your syrup, and add 2 kilos of sugar. When it starts to boil, leave it for hour and a half to cook, and after that turn down the fire and pour boiling syrup into clean and dry jars, and close them right away.

This syrup is excellent cure for all kinds of sore throats, colds and other mouth problems. You can consume it like every other syrup – with little spoon.


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Titania said...

Sandra I have put you on my blogroll, so I can quickly see what is new, that's what I did this morning. Your post about the dandelion is excellent. Our hill madow is usally covered with them in spring. I like the golden glow they spread. We feed the leaves to the chooks and naturally it keeps them healthy and they just love the greens. I will keep your recipe and I might try it when I get the blooms. Here in australia they do not look absolutely like in Europe.The heads are a bit smaller so I probably have to use more to make the syrup. Enjoy!

Sandradb said...

Hi there!
I looked at your blog and it is fascinating. I'll put on my blog tomorrow - I hope you won't mind :-)

Fernando C. Zamora said...

hi. i agree with you when it comes to the availability of herbs or plants that have medicianl values that everyone should learn to appreciate and avail of instead of the usual synthetic drugs...