Hidden treasure in the sea…

Written By Sandra on Friday, 11 July 2008 | 14:15

This title could provoke your imagination and tales about pirates and their hidden shrines at the bottom of the sea, but this post is dedicated to something completely different. Our sea is the source of healthy food, but you must not suppress one of the basic characteristics in the sea – and that is the sea salt.

Today's scientists are recommending that only the coarse sea salt should be used in our every day life. Why is sea salt healthier, then regular, “kitchen” (also known as “stone salt”)? In the process of sea evaporation (in big, shallow pools) it isn’t only the basic NaCL left – together with it we have other, solid compounds that has been melted in the water.

Sea salt has, approximately, 80 minerals and elements, and now you see why it is so important for our every day diet. It is hard to count all the benefits it has for our health, but salt is necessary for healthy digestion, health of our nerve system, healthy sleep, it helps with muscle fever and some are even going that far saying that salt is very important for healthy sex life and libido.

Besides our health, sea salt has huge role in natural cosmetics giving us many therapeutic baths and peelings which in natural and solid way can help us in achieving prettier looks.

Due to the richness in minerals and other elements, sea salt baths stimulate our metabolism and abstraction of harmful substances and also helps in secretion of water in our body which helps our skin being tensed, softer and strained. Sea salt baths were famous in ancient times when it was recommended to people suffering from sciatica, rheumatic diseases and skin diseases.

In today’s time we can get many aromatized sea salt baths which have positive effect on certain type of difficulties, and there are even some recipes saying that sea salt is good in helping fight against cellulite. Any way, no one should miss out salt, but on the contrary, must include it more in every day life, and not only as food, but as a very important addition (which is very cheap and natural, also) in cosmetics.

Salt for smooth skin

Take three table spoons of coarse, sea salt and mix it with one table spoon of olive oil. The mixture you get, gently massage on your belly, hands, legs, back and butt. Rinse it with warm water and dry it with towel. At the end, you can put on your skin some cream or lotion – at least, that’s what recipe says, when I try it my self, I’ll give you “a first hand” experience.

Salt against cellulite

Melt 1 kilo of sea salt in water (in your bath), and then stay in for about 20 minutes (temperature about 38 Celsius). Repeat this procedure 3 times a week, in a period of one month. Good luck!


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Titania said...

This is a very interesting post about salt and espescially sea salt. I would think that many people or animals don't get all the minerals anymore, as the food is so commercialised and grown with only artificial fertilizers and only a few of the necessary minerals, adulterated and to help it along laced with a concoction of poisons.

Sandradb said...

I agree with you, and I think we are all losing the real touch with nature (it may sounds a bit rough) causing us to feel more unhealthy and unhappy.

Mediterranean Turkish Cook said...

I have a container of sea salt in my kitchen but I only use it for meats. Maybe I should try to use it more often. In addition to all the minerals it contains, I believe it also tastes better.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting on the salt treatment for smooth skin and cellulite. Thanks for the drop!