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Written By Sandra on Tuesday, 22 July 2008 | 14:14

The world where we are living is getting more stressed and hectic with every new day. We are always running after something or someone, and we are constantly forgetting the real importance of proper daily diet and healthy food. We can’t expect to feel enthusiastic and dynamic if we neglect ourselves in a way of paying no attention to what we are putting in our mouth.

Fast food and “industry” processed food is winning over old fashioned “home-made” meals resulting us getting fatter and feeling too lazy to do anything else except wait for another meal. We must learn the well known fact that cure for this state of body and mind lies in increasing the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in our every day menu.

It’s easier said then done because we are used to this simplicity and availability and we all must admit that junk food in many cases tastes so “jummy”, sweet and tempting. Another problem that can occur in our trying to become healthier is the fact that we actually don’t know the real source of the food we want to use. They could be from any part of the world, genetically modified (GMO), “protected” with way too many mineral types of manure, pesticides or herbicides which can pollute our body if we consume it too much.

It’s hard to win in this situation, but from what I see today, people are getting more and more aware about the importance of healthy caterers. We can’t all have little gardens in our back yards which can offer us at least just a little bit of “homemade” goodies, so people are more and getting involved in their own private investigations for better and quality food.

And when you finally succeed in discovering your perfect source for fruit and vegetables, don’t forget to include them in your everyday menu, not just for fun, but for real, and pay attention that the amount of fresh vegetables (not cooked or processed in any other way) in your vegy meal must be at least 1/3 of daily vegy portion.

Chemical ingredients of vegetables and effects of some of their components on our health is still unknown to the scientists, but we can all say that vegetables can offer us various cures and remedies for many illness and aches.

For example, tomatoes are rich with lycopene which can decrease the risk of some cancres, and simple, everyday lettuce is full of flavonoids that can slow down the growth of cancer cells. We must not forget carrots, peaches and other “beta-carotene” rich food which protects our skin in summer time when sun beams are too strong and very hazardous.

This picture is showing cucumbers from my garden (organic, without any pesticides or similar treatment)

Some of us, who are too deep into “every day fruit and vegetables” can’t imagine starting a day without an apple for example; every meal is “spiced” with something green. Right now, it is the “water melon” and cucumbers season and I’m “torturing” myself with tones of cucumbers salads and melon deserts – so I took a little research and tried to find is there a chance that too much of that food can be dangerous – and I couldn’t find anything. Vegetable or fruit seasons usually don’t last long enough to be “harmful” so we can all continue in our green “exaggeration” coloring our plates in bowls in different, lively and vigorous colors.


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Titania said...

A very good post and so important. You have beautiful, healthy looking cucumbers. Are you pickling some for winter? We are eating what we have in the garden in every season. Now we still have oranges, mandarins and Bananas and their is no comparison to shop bought stuff. In the vegetable garden we are not always successful because of the weather. But there is always something like lettuce, tomatoes and in spring lots of green beans and other veg.

Sandradb said...

Hello Titania!
Thank you very much for your comment and yes, we do prepare some pickled cucumbers for winter :-). It sounds great to be able to eat bananas and oranges from your garden (if I understood correctly)-we can only buy imported bananas, but luckily, in south parts of Croatia we can grow mandarins. Success with vegetables is very relative thing :-), I'm happy with every little plant and product I get from my garden, so I understand what are you talking about