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Clean yourself inside to look better on the outside

Written By Sandra on Friday, 25 July 2008 | 14:49

As much as it is important for us to maintain healthy diet followed with healthy and quality eating, there are times when we just can’t control ourselves and we treat ourselves with some sweets, cakes or “junk food”. We are not saints and life would be too boring if we’d lived it in constant calorie counting or jogging and orbitrek chase.

I, myself, am proven gourmand and I adore eating and cooking, and I really enjoy cakes, creams, all kinds of pasta specialties, etc…I must stop counting if I don’t want to get hungry again. How can we help us with this “problem“ and is this really a problem or can we fix this with periodical “body cleaning action” also known as detoxification.

Majority of people today are suffering from similar health problems – which aren’t real health problems. We feel like we haven’t got an atom of energy in our body, we are slow, our concentration is very poor, and all in general, we don’t feel ok.

With these symptoms there are always related headaches, skin problems, bad breath, depression, and bad digestion, overweight or under weight, constipation…We are not really sick, so what to do now?

Detoxification is our answer. We’ve been very busy collecting various unhealthy compounds which made for our body very difficult to act properly and do its’ duties. Our organism is too occupied with digestion of bad food and toxics and if we add some stress, hectic way of life and very little exercise, we can see the troubles we put ourselves in.

We can get out of this mess if start to clean out body regularly – there are several ways we can do this, and we have the liberty to choose the one that suits us the best. What ever you choose to do, you must start very slow.

If you choose water detoxification (detoxification that lasts 24 hours, it’s very simple and effective, you only consume water) and you are a beginner, then you’ll make your first try once a month, not every week.

You can clean your body drinking natural (home made, squeezed) juices and this process last from 1 to 3 days, depending on your body and mind state. Some people even use this method in healing serious illness like cancer.

Another way of body cleaning is “raw” eating. It offers us many benefits and it strengthens our immune system. This way can help you lose your weight because enzymes from raw food stimulate our body to efficiently alternate food into energy reducing our feeling of being hungry and consuming more food. It cleans our skin, reduces cardio vascular diseases, diabetes and in general – it really makes us feel better and “clearer”

Detox diets are very popular these days and there many different diets “on the menu” nowadays, but they all share same principals which are:

Drink as much liquid as possible

Avoid coffee, alcohol and chocolate (why chocolate?)

Eat more fruit and vegetables, and raw food

Prefer vegetarian food

Eat light food

Limit milk products

Eat organic food

Avoid refined food like white sugar, rice, pasta, potatoes…

Herbal teas are another way of detoxification which has very long and therapeutic tradition. It would be very helpful to drink more herbal teas, regarding of the fact if you are on detox or not.

Sauna is very good way to clean your body as well, because, high temperatures, which is stimulated by sauna treatment, kills all kind of bacteria, viruses and parasites.

What ever you do, do it easy, and if you have any health problems, always talk to your doctor about it. Detoxification process are not recommended for pregnant woman, breast feeding woman, old people and people with eating disorder.


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Very good advice, Sandra.

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