Sweeter life vs. bitter life

Written By Sandra on Tuesday, 29 July 2008 | 14:40

Unfortunately, this is true. When we look our world today, we’ll see that on one side we have currents and trends supporting healthy food with restriction and everyday exercise (it would be an ideal situation to have the ability, time, means and good will for everyday exercise) trying to force us to change our daily “habits” and ways. Each time you open a magazine or turn on TV or computer every one is screaming at you that you must lose weight to look more attractive or similar to some movie star.

On the other hand, we are getting more and more fat – eating junk food and forgetting how to walk two blocks on foot or walk to our office by stairs if it is higher then two floors.

Depression has sneaked into our bodies making us unhappier and unwilling to make a change in our life. Media pressure is too big and strong leaving us feeling poor every time we close some fancy news paper. I don’t want to be a judge, but sometimes it is our own fault. We keep forgetting that we are all different and unique and that true happiness lies in more important things then new pair of shoes or a piece of make up.

Health (besides our family) is the most important thing in our life – we must not let ourselves be bitten by daily news and events.

I love sweets – and I’m crazy about chocolate (especially dark ones) – and every time I try to make some changes in my every day diet (which means that I try to throw away sweets and other rubbish out), I come to a point where it is unbearable for me to live through a day without constant eating and putting something in my mouth.

I was trying to find an answer to this “problem” and I found an article stating that food rich with carbohydrates (and this includes sweets) can indeed help us lose weight and feel better. Of course, we are talking about reasonable amounts of chocolate (and its’ friends) here.

The answer lies in serotonin – neurotransmitter chemical which regulates muscle functions, temperatures, appetite, feeling pain, blood pressure and breathing. When it is balanced, serotonin makes us feel more relaxed and happier which is very important if we want to have quality life.

It seems that little carbohydrate snacks before main meal can raise serotonin level (in natural way) resulting us feeling less hungry and happier. I believe there is additional information about this diet on pages dedicated to “Serotonin Power Diet” plans.

I haven’t tried any of these diets, but the thought of little sweet snacks between lunch and dinner sounds fantastic. That is just another statement supporting the main rule for healthy (and happy) life – too much of anything is not good for our health.

So, there’s no reason for us to exclude sweets from our menu – as long as we don’t exceed with sweets, because they could really make our lives bitter then bringing us more depression and pain.


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Titania said...

Sandra, a good post again. I say, everything in moderation and common sense. Organic, high quality ingredients for cooking, lots of fresh, GM and pestizide free vegetables and fruits, homebaked breads and sweets. Stay away from aspartum and other artificial sweeteners.
Read how aspartum came on the market and was accepted despite its bad reputation.

Sandradb said...

I found few information about aspartum, and it is awful to see how is this industry strong and if we don't think with our own brain it is very hard to defend from all that media pressure and "healthy food" industry. It's similar situation with vitamin supplements where they say to you that you must drink certain amount of pills to rich you daily need of vitamins. The best source of vitamins is your own plate and its' natural colors.

Anonymous said...

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