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Is there an easy way to quit smoking?

Written By Sandra on Thursday, 18 September 2008 | 07:45

I know this title jumps out of my “health routine” but I was “tickled” with a commercial I saw on TV few nights ago. It was about certain brand of chewing gums that will help you decrease to amount of smoked cigarettes and, eventually, help you quit smoking for good.

I don’t need to write about health hazard (every package of cigarettes is showing possible illness) and birds on the trees know the real risk of smoking (both for your health and your wallet).

I was curious and I wrote on google “quit smoking”, and google offered me 8 320 000 sites with this expression. I found out that even in these 8 million sites, first one are always dedicated to some commercial and “selling stuff to quit smoking” companies.

This is one of the biggest problems today and I’m sure that there are millions out there today trying to get rid off that nasty habit. I don’t like judging people and I don’t think that smokers are “second class” people.

When you surf the internet, or watch TV – all of these offered solutions are promised to help you quit smoking without any trouble, but what is the strongest weapon against cigarettes - Your own willpower. You can try hypnosis, or acupuncture, chewing gums, medications, all sorts of patches, books, or you name it – but if you don’t squeeze your teeth (so to say) and use your will, the result will never come.

I quit smoking four years ago. I was pregnant in that period and I decided that it isn’t right for me to poison my baby (or myself and everybody else around me), so one morning, while I was drinking coffee, I said to myself – I won’t smoke no more – and I’m still holding on.

Don’t be scared with weight gain, it all comes in place after six months or one year – the most important thing is that jack pot you won for your health.

The conclusion is very simple – there is no easy way to quit smoking, and your own willpower maybe seems to be the hardest way because you don’t comfort yourself thinking that someone else will solve your smoking problem, but at the end, this way will surely give you enough strength to quit smoking for good. The thought of you doing something completely alone can be such positive encouragement making you persistent in your intention to win over cigarettes addiction.


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Titania said...

To stop smoking is a real problem for some people. My generation has been inundated with cigarettes and it was not a big no no. I have never smoked I never liked the smell. Most of my friends smoked. My husband smoked. He quit when he was 32 now he is 76 and has never looked back. None of my children or grand children smoke.
It was a very wise decision when you stopped smoking for your health and your baby's. Here in Australia in all public places, shops and restaurants, trains and buses etc. smoking is prohibited.

Damian O'Hara said...

With respect, you are wrong; there is an easy way to stop smoking.
Read some of the thousands of testimonials on www.allencarr.com

Sandradb said...

Hi Titania!
Thank you for your comment - today's Croatia is still somewhere in between when it comes to legal action regarding banning smoking in public places. Our government proposed a law that should ban smoking in all public places and companies, but they "soften" it a bit - I guess half of our government still smokes so they can't jump in their own mouth :-)

Sandradb said...

Dear Damian O'hara,
I do appreciate your comment, but here, I meant on smoking cessation that costs 0$, or 0 euros, pounds, kunas...people have willpower that can help them to quit smoking - maybe 3 to 5 % succeeded that way (information that I found on wikipedia). I must admit that it wasn't too hard for me to quit smoking, it's all in your head.
Good luck with selling your book - I do hope it will help even more people to stop that nasty habbit

jmorton said...

Love your post - the only easy way to quit smoking is to simply decide to become a non-smoker. No ifs or buts. Just do it! As an ex smoker, I went through the usual excuses and just made it harder for myself. But once I decided as you did, simply not to have another smoke, it's really not that hard. Check out whyquit.com.

Sandra said...

Hello jmorton!
Thank you very much for your comment and I'm always happy to hear when people share their experiences about this subject

Papervision3D said...

well smoking is really hard

Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog Nicotine replacement therapy is not all about nicotine. It is about picking the good over the bad. It is not going to help if you way to quit smoking and pick up some other bad habit.

Noir said...

I've stopped smoking twice:

First one: I started smoking as a teenager, but one day when I was seventeen I succeed in an audition to enter a singing school and from that very day I stopped smoking. I agree with Sandra, if you have something really important to you and incompatible with smoking you quit because you have something that gives you strength.

Second one: Unfortunately, years later I had to quit the school for the sake of university and started smoking again. I really got addicted, enjoyed it. Fortunately I fell very ill (a true paradox, really), I stopped smoking the very day I entered hospital and now, many years later, I loathe the smell of cigarettes. It's weird that sometimes I feel like I would smoke one, but then I get angry because it's obviously a drug addiction.

Health and pride guarantee that I will never have a cigarette again. My battle now is to make my man quit smoking!

In Spain restaurants and cafés can choose wether they are smoking or non-smoking spaces, so most of them stick to smoking in order to avoid losing customers. At the end non-smoking citizens continue breathing smoke.