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Cranberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea)

Written By Sandra on Friday, 26 September 2008 | 21:51

I really love to drink tea, and in past few days I've been drinking cranberry tea at my work - when I scratched a bit about this modest fruit, I found many fact pointing to its' curative features.

Cranberries smell like magic, and they taste a bit sour. We collect berries in August and September.

They are very rich with vitamins A, b and C and cranberries act like antiseptic and they are very useful when having problems with urinary tract (kidneys, urinary bladder.
Cranberry tea is very helpful if you suffer from rheumatic or gout.

Marmalade made of cranberries is not only very tasteful, but it can act as a stimulation for appetite and can stop diarrhea.
Cranberry juice anticipates urinating.

Cranberries are getting more and more popular thanks to their delicious taste and I'm very happy that it is getting more easier to find them then it was maybe 10 or 15 years ago.

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Titania said...

Very interesting post about the Cranberries. Here too they become more popular and available in the shops. It is great that you can gather them yourself. I don't use them as often as I probably should.

Sandradb said...

Hello Titania!
Thank you for your comment - here, in Croatia, cranberries weren't popular until some 10 or 15 years ago, but lately they are taking their right place in the kitchen and home medicine.

Halloween Costume said...

cranberries are very delicious. Good post about them.