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LAUREL (Laurus nobilis)

Written By Sandra on Monday, 29 September 2008 | 13:24

Laurel (Laurus nobilis) - also known as bay - is a noble Mediterranean plant which grows in warm, coastal areas. It can be cultivated as decorative herb.

Laurel is evergreen bush or tree, its' leaves are dermoid, long and peaky at its' top. Upper side has very nice and shiny green color, and they smell very pleasant.

It is not possible to imagine fish soup or beans without laurel as a spice, but it is also used in natural medicine because it has some therapeutic characteristics.

You can prepare tea from laurel leaves and you can add in a bath which can be a real helper with rheumatic pain. It also acts very as a relief with stomach ache and digestion problems.

If you mix cut laurel leaves with alcohol, you'll get a preparation that can reduce pain caused by stringed tendons, wrenches and rheumatic. Oil from laurel leaves and berries is used in perfume industry.

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Titania said...

Beautiful laurel or bay leaf. Love laurel in my cooking and the wood makes beautiful scented fuel for barbecues. I sometimes put in my pantry to repel ants. Great post and lots of useful information. Thank you Sandra.

Klearchos said...

In Greece we use it mainly in lentil soup... We do not use it though in fish soup...

Sandra said...

Thank you both for your comments - laurel is very nice and pleasant spice, and when I first tried it in fish soup, results were excellent :-)...so I put it in almost every dish made with sea fish

The Prince of Centraxis said...

We use native rainforest laurels here in Oz - particularly Ringwood trees - an aniseed allegory - and the lemon-scented myrtle, or Bachausa citriadora
Both are very tasty and very ancient laurel trees, used by local indigenous people for millennia.

See http://hermetic.blog.com

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