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Vinegar is used in whole of our household - from the kitchen and bathroom, to cleaning pets. Vinegar kills bacteria and neutralizes and eliminates odors.
For the following procedures use classic, alcohol vinegar.

A solution of vinegar cleans coffee maker, it removes lime deposits and stains from water and refresh the internal mechanism. Fill pot coffee maker with vinegar, and pour into the reservoir. Turn on the machine and let it "do" a half-cycle. Turn off and leave it 10 minutes. Switched on again and finish the cycle. Throw the vinegar, and then make two or three cycle with a clean, cold water. Repeat once a month, or whenever you notice that your machine performs poorly.

Vinegar effectively removes odors from your washing machine. Washing machines that fill up front are particularly susceptible to this problem. Add approximately 150 grams of vinegar during the washing cycle(especially suitable for liquid detergents). It will also eliminate the odors in your laundry.

It is known that the vinegar is used to clean the refrigerator. After you thaw and clean your refrigerator (or freezer), pour a little vinegar to a cloth or sponge and rub the inside of the refrigerator - you are on the way to eliminate all odors and bacteria.

Patches of water that remain on the glass or crystal can also be eliminated by using vinegar. Mix one cup of vinegar and three cups of hot water, and wash your glasses in that solution. Leave them to dry in air.

Clean your bin by using frozen solutions of water and vinegar (in equal parts, frozen in the ice tray), and for removing odors, pour one cup of vinegar in a bucket, and rinse with water.

In the same way you can clean and drain the sink, and if there's clogged drain, mix equal amounts of baking soda and vinegar, and pour the mixture into the sink. Mixture will make a foam and remove the blockage.

Vinegar is also used for cleaning the bathroom, especially for removal of scale and sticky spots. To purify clogged shower head, remove and immerse in a bowl with vinegar. Rinse in the morning and return back .

Do you happen to have an "accident" with your pet, you can again resort to a bottle of vinegar. Pour mixture of vinegar and water (in equal parts) on the stain of urine, which would then neutralize the smell, but it will also prevent your pet to come
back to this "handy" toilet.

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May said...

I also use vinegar once a month on my hair to clean it of the build up of products. It keeps my hair healthy.

Sandra said...

Thank you for your comment and advice about vinegar - it's surely worth trying :-). Best wishes