Coenzyme Q10

Written By Sandra on Tuesday, 23 December 2008 | 10:53

Lately, my attention was caught with one, particular TV commercial on National Croatian TV which advertises milk (not body milk, but consuming milk) with coenzyme Q10 (also known as ubiquinone or ubidecarenone, ref. Wikipedia).
We are all familiar with face or body creams with Q10, or other cosmetic products, but this is alimentary product in which was, in some certain way, inserted Q10.

So, what are coenzymes and why do we need them?
Coenzymes are little, non-protein materials which transfer chemical substances between enzymes. Coenzyme Q10 is compound similar to vitamins which is oil soluble, and it is most common in mitochondrial. Q10 is responsible for producing 95% energy for our body. With this information, it’s not hard to conclude that organs which require most energy (like lever or heart) have the highest concentration of Q10.

Q10 is very strong antioxidant, so that’s why it is essential for our body. Various researches have proven that our body produces enough of Q10 until we enter thirties (if we speak about healthy person), and after thirty amount of Q10 is decreasing, so it is recommended to take remedies that involve Q10.

I don’t want to suggest any kind of artificial food product or cosmetic product with Q10, I’d rather make a list of natural Q10 resources, and these resources are:

- sesame oil (sesame seeds oil)
- peanut oil
- soy bean oil
- canola oil
- pork and beef bowels (heart)
- chicken leg
- mackerel and herring fresh bowels (heart)

Deep frying of these caterers can decrease the amount of Q10 in them for almost 30% so it is recommended to pay attention on a way of taking Q10 in our body.

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Martin in Bulgaria said...

I'm sticking to my eighbours cow's milk - quite lucky really.

Happy Seasonal Greetings from Bulgaria. :)

David & Jan said...

Merry Christmas Sandra, and a great 2009.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Bulgaria !

J. C. said...

Sretna nova godina Sandra i sve najbolje. Navrati do Bihaca na kavicu ponekad.

For English readers of this great blog: Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true!

Sandradb said...

Hvala na pozivu J.C. - ako ne prije, ono na putu za plavi Jadran :-). Pozdrav i joŇ° jednom svako dobro!

William/The Author Of * said...

I thought only Americans had things in their foods....
I suppose in reading this there is no excuse for complaints from foreigners that American foods are unnatural

Sandradb said...

@ William
Thank you for your comment - well, I guess food issue is hotter today then never...

Donald Brown said...

great list of q10 sources. I've read that spinach is a good source of coq10 as well.

as you mentioned, the body decreases the production of q10 as we grow old. I saw a supplement that answers that issue. here it is : from what I understand, it's the reduced form of coq10. Is it any good?