Knock, knock...

Written By Sandra on Thursday, 4 December 2008 | 12:29

- Knock, knock – said „Christmas time“ and before you know it, you won 10 extra pounds.

It’s not my intention to break Christmas spirit, but I think I’m speaking about well known situation here.

It’s not hard to imagine it – the best time of year, family gathered around beautiful Christmas table, Christmas tree lamps are sparkling, children are playing around and opening gifts and you are proud of yourself because you succeeded to finish dinner in time, roast didn’t burn, and all your guests are in good spirit, but when you set on your chair to finally have this desirable meal, you realized that you used wrong machine program because it seems that your pants (or skirt) got accidentally shrink while washing.

December is very dangerous month when it comes to mixing machine washing programs. It tricks you so easily and before you open your eyes you find yourself caught with 5 or 10 additional and unwanted pounds.
Of course, they didn’t find their way to your belly over night, but if you count how many times you’ve tried new crème for cake, or is that salad dressing spicy enough, you’ll realized that you’ve been deceived by sweets and little treats before you even start to enjoy all Christmas culinary festivals.

It seems so hard to stay away from all crème leftovers, but don’t be sorry to throw them away – leftovers make more damage to your body in a long turn, then your remorse after few spoons of spilled ice cream or filling.

I do feel guilty when I must to throw away any kind of food, and my heart is braking because of it, but, unfortunately, I don’t have the opportunity to give this food away. On the other hand – I’m not a trash can! I can’t put in my mouth everything that stays “uneaten” just because world hunger is one of the biggest problems today.

How to stop this enchanted circle? Don’t prepare as much food as you used to prepare it.

You’ll have more time to spend it with your family, and that is what is Christmas all about.


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Martin in Bulgaria said...

Very difficult for millions who have been caught in the buy, buy, buy, eat, eat, eat, trap laid over the years for Christmas. You have wise words and in a sensible world this woul dbe adhered to.

Like you say it's not all about getting rid of weight but getting rid of wastefulness.

Good principles and good post.

Sandradb said...

Hi Martin!
Thank you for comment - I'm glad to see there are even more people who not obsessed with world-wide shopping mania.

Titania said...

Hi Sandra, you are so right about wastefulness and "waistfulness"! A very fat lady asked me once do you know why I am so fat. I said, well I guess you eat a lot of fatty food. She said no, but I licked every spoon and pot clean!
This is a true story!

Sandradb said...

Thank you for your comment and I'm glad you understand what I'm talking about because this has become one, rather big problem - not only middle aged people have this problem, but very young as well, and that's what's really frightening.

HRI Marketing said...

Great post about weight gain this holidays. Its really hard to say no to friends and relatives offering food. I think the best way to control our weight is to avoid sweets and fatty food. Thanks!

Sandradb said...

@HRI Marketing - thank you for your comment - this holidays' season can really be tricky sometimes and we must be very smart and intelligent to avoid all this sweet (but at the end sour) temptations.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Hi Sandradb, hope Xmas things are not tempting you too much right now. I couldn't find you Entrecard this morning, you will know more about this than I. I'll check tomrrow as usuaul. Regards Martin

Jan said...

New template? Very nice.
And yes, why do we act worse than pigs at this time of the year. Do all our brains go down the toilet together with the obscene amount of money we spend on things we don't NEED or want?

Noir said...

Completely agree! There's a saying in Spain that goes "From big dinners the cementery is full" making reference to eating more than you need. As I crave for chocolate and all kind of Christmas desserts I usually share half or even a third of them with other members of my family, and we try to cook a dinner that will produce as less leftovers as possible. The sharing option is perfect to taste everything without ending like a stuffed duck ready to be transformed into foie gras and... what the hell... sharing flavours with others is far better! :)

Sandradb said...

I'm handling pre-Christmas time the best way I can - and I guess it took most of my time because I haven't looked at all my PC last weekend. I was "hooked up" with one, very young and alive gentleman of 3 and half years of age for whom this was first "conscious" "Christmas tree decorating adventure" (or to translate it - my son was helping me the entire weekend in decorating and baking :-))

Thank you for you comment - I'm never satisfied with templates and God knows for how long this one will last :-). I think that December gives to most people amnesia when it comes to spending money or eating, but then January "brings" their memory back - in one, very hard and rude way ;-)... naughty, naughty January...

I agree with you when it comes to sharing (unfortunately, I also agree about the "chocolate subject" :-))